Class is on Wednesdays at 6pm. The workouts will be posted. Additional workouts will be posted on Monday & Friday

Summer training focus: Bodyweight power, controlled movement and agility.

Summer in Alaska is usually an experience of frequent, hard bursts of activity. It's also a great season for injuries. Counter-intuitively many people actually lose much of their conditioning during the summer as they get out of regular training routines. We're often not quite as active as we like to imagine ourselves to be.

We'll be focusing on overall conditioning and agility training. The goal is to maintain readiness for all those league games, pick-up sports, hikes and climbs.


- Increase your strength in multiple planes of motion.

- Increase balance.

- Increase your lower body agility.

- Increase aerobic/cardio capacity.

-Injury prevention by developing stronger ankles and knees.

- Mental toughness.

Monday, January 30, 2012

30 Jan Advanced Core (Obj:Strength & Power)

Warm up well

Muscleup Ladder 5 -1

4X (all hvy)
• KB Jumping Squat 6
• KB Pull Over Crunch :30

4X (all hvy)
• KB Hanging Clean 6 l/r
• KB Juggle Rows 6

• Sumo Toss & Squat 6
• Dbl Windmills 6 l/r

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